Stilt Parking Services

Stilt Parking

We’re the one who initiated this step in the market wherein nowadays so many household people are facing the issues of parking specially in the metro cities. So here what we can do is, we can just uplift your entire building and make it all new parking on the ground floor. It will really give you ample amount of space to park your own vehicle. We’ve done so many projects related to this and you can check all of these under our gallery section.

Building Shifting Services

House Lifting and Building Lifting

If house is below the street level and sewage water regularly flows in, relocation is not the best solution. With today’s technology we can easily raise the level of house. And that too without any risks at all. It’s time to save money and live in the same home which are used to living in. Being more specific, houses that are put up in low-lying areas often face a big issue. This problem is never-ending during the cloudburst seasons when there is profound rainfall and a heavy inflow of water into the low-lying lands. Before now the rise and fall of tides engender problems to such houses; the incessant falling rains make this problem even worse. As a result, there is a solution to this problem and it would be house lifting. Masonry houses are more difficult to lift, primarily because of their design, construction, and weight, but lifting these homes is possible.

Stilt Parking Services

House and Building shifting from one place to another

Under this segment we’re shifting one home to another place with the help of our latest techniques. It’s not too complicated nowadays if you’re willing to shift your house or building. You don’t need to reconstruct your building at the new place. We’ll just lift your place from the existing area and place in the same way at your new location.

Building alignment Services

Building alignment

Now days it’s too common that we’re in need of building alignment in order to correct the order your recent place. We’ve specialized in that field if you’re looking forward to correct the dimensions of your current place. We will check considering all the parameters and get it done in the right manner for the best possible results.

Foundation strengthening Services

Foundation strengthening

Now days it’s a very important step, which is called Foundation strengthening and you’re entire structure is based on that only. If you’re foundation is strong, you’re build as per your imaginations. If you’re owing an old house then it’s is so important to do that in order to strengthen the foundation. We’ve got the specialized team to have an idea about this and get this thing rectified that too within your budget.

construction works by RR and Sons

Any other construction works

Under this segment we will cover all the rest of your construction work as per your requirements. We’ve got all the services related to that including all the materialistic parts and other services too.

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